Partners with God

The bible says that we are partners with God, meaning that we have a part and he has a part. We often ask God to take care of the things that we are capable of doing for ourselves but do not want to. We want him to do the work for us. We want him to make it easy for us. We do not want any hardships or push backs from the things that we need to take care of so we ask him to do it for us. He will not do our work for us but he will equipped us with what we need to do it for ourselves.

I believe that God wants us to see that we are stronger than we think that we are and that is why he will not do certain things for us. We have more ability and might than we know. We can endure more than we think. We can do much more than we think that we are capable of doing. And God wants us to live up to our potential. If he took care of everything for us, did all the hard work for us, kept every trial away from us, then we would not live up to our God given potential. And we would also have defeating feelings about ourselves because we would be lacking the feelings of accomplishment and value and worth. When we successfully take care of things it gives us empowering feelings about ourselves and strengthens our character.

We are partners with God. When we pray about a thing God will do what his part is and equipped us to do our part. He gives us the ability to be able to do what we can do. He will always provide the way but we will have to do the work.

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