When darkness is all around

One thing that is for sure in life is that we will all have very troubling times. We will have times that we feel as if it will never end, that we don’t know how much more we can take, times that we can see no light at the end of the seaming endless tunnel. There will be those times that our faith is truly tested. And there may even be times that we seem to lose all hope in general.

We all would love for God to take our troubles and times of suffering from us and some seem to expect God to, although it is not said in the bible that He will. Some of us will get upset with God or think that He has turned His back on us and left us when we are facing very difficult times. I think that in a sense it is a natural human reaction to be upset when He doesn’t deliver us from our troubles and will cause some to turn from their faith. Some feel as if God was such a good God then He would not allow such bad things to happen. I can not tell you why He allows some things to happen and why we have to endure some of the things that we do. But I can tell you from experience that if we follow what scripture says when we are facing hardships it will help us through them. It gives us hope when we can’t find any in the world. It gives us a positive outlook. It provides practical things that we can do to help us get threw our troubles. And it also provides practical things that we can choose to do differently than the world does them to bring us more joy and peace in all circumstances. I have found that following the guidance of scripture helps me to become less focused on myself, which is being less focused on what I am going threw. And when i am not constantly thinking about what i am enduring at the time I am able to be happier and alil more at peace. Scripture is truth, it is great advice, it is practical, and it can help us get through our hard times if we listen and follow it. But most of all we have to believe that it is written for us personally. We have to believe that when God and Jesus speak, they are speaking directly to us. We have to believe that the promises are for us. And we have to believe that we can do what scripture suggests that we do. When we believe, trust in God, and make the decision to follow what scripture says, it will help us endure and get threw our difficulties, coming out of it a better person in some way, shape, or form. I truly believe that there are great lessons that we can learn through our troubles that will help us in the future if we keep our minds open to learn the lesson and apply it to our lives.

4 thoughts on “When darkness is all around

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