Our trials are for our good

When we are going through things we often wonder why. We wonder what we have done to deserve it. We may even wonder why God would allow it to happen when we do the best that we can to always be good and to do things right. We may get to the point that we feel as if we can not endure much longer and may begin to lose hope of better days. I have had several times in my life that this has happened.

As I was reading deuteronomy 6-8 I got a great encouragement for those difficult times that we face. This is what I took from these chapters. The Lord allows us to endure certain things so that we may be humbled and our character strengthened for the good that he has waiting for us. Although we may face hardships we are never alone and he guides us through them. He goes before us to destroy anything that could destroy us. In our times of trials we must remember the good things that the Lord has done for us so that we are encouraged to keep up our fight. Our Lord is bringing us into a good land filled with all the things that we need but He will do it slowly and at his timing. God is the one that gives us the power to be successful at anything that we do. And he gives us our success in ways that we can never say that it is by our own strength and ability that we achieved it. Our difficulty in life is to make us better people in some way shape or form. It is to strengthen us for things yet unknown. It is to strengthen our character and our faith. And in the end we will be victorious because God makes the way for us.

Chapter 9 talks about our victory because of God’s grace. We do not prosper because of our own doings. We are all sinners and stubborn people. But because God is faithful and full of grace and mercy, he provides the way for us to have victory over our trials. Even though the people made God so angry with their rebellion and all, he spared them because of his mercy and grace. They made him so mad that he wanted to destroy them but he didn’t. That gives me hope in my own rebellion and sins.

I encourage you to read chapters 6-9 for yourself and see what God speaks to your hearts through his words. There is so much that can be taken from these scriptures and that we can apply to the things that we endure in this life. I pray that they are as encouraging to you as they are to me.

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