The secret to happiness

For many years I searched for full happiness. I would buy new clothes, new decor for the house, new shoes, new jewelry. When I seen those items in the store I would get a fuzzy feeling inside. When I would put on the new item or set it up in my house it would make me smile because it looked so nice and made me feel good. I would love the compliments that I got on my new outfit or shoes or jewelry. It made me happy. But the problem was that the happiness only lasted a small amount of time and then I was on the prowl for the next “thing” to make me happy again.

It was not until I was looking in my closet one day and seen several outfits that I had bought several months back, and they still had the tags on them, that God revealed an important lesson to me. I had bought those clothes because they made me feel fuzzy and warm when I put them on in the store. I was trying to buy my happiness and wasting money on things that will never bring lasting joy to me. I was searching in all the wrong things for what I was missing. What I was missing was available to me the whole time but I was not seeking it. I was searching the world for what I had already on the inside of me. I needed to put on Jesus and His joy just like I put on that outfit in the store that day.

Some of most unhappy people in this world are the rich people. They look to money and things to bring them joy only to never find it. They may find it for a small moment, but it does not last. They are looking to outward things instead of what they have available to them through Jesus.

When we come to know the love that Jesus has for us, the beauty that we have, the talents that we have been given, and the importance of ourselves in the eyes of Jesus, we gain a joy on the inside of us that nothing else can give. We have to learn and believe in the love and importance that we have to God. When we realize the importance of ourselves and the value that we have, we are able to have a lasting joy in our hearts. When we know the love that God has for us we are complete in everything else. We have the fuzzy and warm feeling within us 24/7, without the need to search for anything to give us that feeling. If you are lacking happiness today I suggest that you read about the love that Jesus has for you and who He has made you to be. Nothing in this world compares to the love of God.

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