You have a purpose

I have noticed that many people feel as if they do not have an important purpose in their life. I often hear ,”I am just a stay at home mom, I am just a student, I am just a worker, I am just ____________”. The word “just” minimizes the position. I don’t care what it is that you do, it has importance to it.

Take myself as an example. I am disabled and unable to work or do many physical things. I sit home everyday. My day consist of doing small house duties, cooking dinner, feeding the animals, reading my bible or a book, writing about what I am reading about, and writing on this blog. My blog only has 26 followers at the moment and I often feel as if I am only writing to myself. But my role in this world is important. What I do matters. And if I only reached one person by my writings then it would be one person that I may have been able to help or encourage in some way. If I did not clean my house, feed the animals, or cook dinner then it would have a negative effect on a couple of people and the animals and my son depend on me to feed them.

The enemy loves to make us feel like we don’t matter and that what we do is not important. But that is a lie. We all have an important role to play in this world. And we can all do something that someone else can not do. We all are needed for something. But if we minimize our role that we do play then to us it will not matter. If we allow ourselves to think that we are “just” a thing, then we will not see the value in the position that we have. God created each one of us for a certain reason, for a certain position, and we are needed to fulfill that position. Do not think less of yourself because you are not the CEO of the company, or the owner of the business, or well known for what you do. We all have an impact on someone’s life and a reason for the position that we play in our lives. Make the best of what you do and do not think less of the position that God has you in. You have value and are important to those around you in some way, shape, or form, even if they do not tell you so. Take pride in what God has you doing. Know the worth and value that you have.

4 thoughts on “You have a purpose

  1. Jayden

    Yes, it is so sad. I am also having issues logging in to WordPress. So I can’t upvote you. It’s telling me the name Jayden is taken but I can’t a new email because none of my emails work with the name Jayden. 😦

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