He wants to help you

Having such a loving God that wants to help us with every little thing in our lives is hard for us to grasp at times. Did you know that God wants to help you with the smallest things in your life? He wants to help you make your hair perfect, your shaving perfect, your make up perfect, your outfit perfect, your coffee perfect, the least littlest things he wants to help you achieve. And if he wants to help us with those little things, then to be sure, he wants to help us with the bigger things in life. Leaning on God for everything in our lives pleases him. We tend to think that it is a burden to him if we ask for help in the small things, but the truth is, it pleases him that we look to him to help us in all that we do. It shows him that we trust and look to him for all that we do.

The bible tells us to ask for anything that we need but I know that for myself I often feel that there are people that need so much more than what I need and that I am taking from them if I ask God to help me with my little issues. Why do I think that He can not handle all things at one time if he needs to? Why do I feel that I am not as important as those other people? Why is it that I feel that I am suppose to handle the small things in life on my own? Could it be the flesh within me? Could it be the enemy putting those thoughts in my head? Could it be that I am acting out of compassion for others when I do not want to take from them by my prayers? No matter the reason of my thoughts, they are not true. God is almighty, able to handle all things at one time, and my prayers are just as important as others. He wants to help me with my hair if I need it, He wants to help me pick out the perfect outfit if I need help, He wants to help me choose the right shoes to wear if I need help. It pleases him to help us with our daily duties just as much as it pleases him to help us with our troubles.

Whatever it is that we need help or guidance with we should be honored to ask for his help. We should smile when we pray for his help with the small things because it makes him smile that we are leaning on and trusting him in the little areas of life and not just the big ones. Pray throughout the day for any and all things that you need help with. And trust in the fact that it pleases him that we want to do it right and are asking for help to do it right. Don’t try to do anything on your own or feel that you have to do it on your own. We serve a mighty and awesome God that always has his hand out to help and guide us on our journey in life.

One thought on “He wants to help you

  1. Singaling

    Amen. He cares so much for us and nothing is too big or too small for Him to handle. Nothing is hidden from His sight and He knows our desires and needs. We can pray to Him about anything. I have to be honest … a couple of times I got caught in a rain downpour. I felt guilty asking, but I prayed to Papa God to stop the rain till I either got home or to where I was headed. I felt like that was pretty arrogant of me to ask such a thing of Him, but every time I have He did just that for me. It was very humbling. I prayed a short while ago again about that and the arin didn’t stop right away. But soon after it did and I was dry all the way home. Even though it had been raining all afternoon that day. Praise God! 🙂

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