Complain and remain

As I was watching a teaching by Joyce Meyer this morning I realized that what I had read in a book that I am reading, a devotional that I am reading, the bible verses that I read this morning and now this teaching, are all on complaining and how it affects us. I believe that since everything that I am reading and watching is on complaining the Lord is telling me to not complain and if I do then I will hinder my walk. I want to share with you today the importance on not complaining and trusting God in all things.

When we complain we are actually saying that God is not working in our lives and that we are not happy where we are at. I will use Joseph and the Israelites from the bible as an example of the difference between complaining and being thankful, trusting God right where we are at. Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery. From the moment that he was sold he never complained about what had been done to him nor what he was going through at the present moment. He went from being a slave to having so much authority that only Pharaoh was above him. He also was vindicated with the situation of his brothers. The Israelites were freed from Egypt but yet they complained the entire time that they were in the wilderness. And because of their complaining they never entered the promised land.

Joseph put his trust in God and decided that he was going to be content right where he was at. He trusted that God had him where he wanted him and made the best of every situation. He was even put in prison for something that he did not do and still praised God during that time. The Israelites, who were being guided and provided for by God, complained all the time. They had food falling out of the sky and complained that they were tired of eating it. They were always complaining about something that was not going the way that they wanted it to go. As a result of their complaining the devil was allowed to enter and destroy them. Their suffering and death were recorded so that we can see what will happen if we behave the way that they did.

Complaining causes us to not be happy, to be discontent, dissatisfied, and it steals our peace. It is a negative mindset that causes havoc in us. We could be having a good day and complain about something and our mood goes down. Then we start to think about what we are not happy with and we become discontent. And it does on from there.

Instead of complaining about what is not going our way we need to be thankful and praise God for what is going our way. Praise Him for whatever the situation is and trust that he has you right where he wants you at the time.

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