It’s time to move forward

   Deuteronomy 1:6  The Lord our God said to us in Horeb, You have dwelt long enough on this mountain. 

   As I pondered this scripture it spoke to me in several ways. We think that the Israelites were crazy for what they did but we do the very same things. We stay in vicious cycles of behaviors, actions, choices and decisions, thoughts, and etc., staying stuck in our own situations. Instead of learning lessons, making changes, and making progress moving forward, we choose to stay stuck where we are. We spend six months doing what could have been done in a couple days or even spend years doing what should have only taken a few months. I think of several different situations in my own life that I should have used this scripture to speak to me and get me unstuck from where I was at. To me this scripture could mean that it is time to move on in a career, a relationship, or in a situation that you have been in for far too long. But it also could mean that it is time to get pass emotional issues, bad habits, addictions, self pity, making the wrong choices over and over again. Wherever or whatever we have been procrastinating about, it is time to move forward.

   It amazes me how long I will continue to stay in a situation or go through certain things that I know I should be moving past at times. It is like I know what would make it better or what I need to do but for some reason I think that I can continue to do the same things and get a different result. I don’t know if it is the hard headedness in me or fear or laziness but I find myself going around the same mountain and then I get angry with myself. In many cases I know what I could do to make the situation better but yet I find myself saying “tomorrow I will _____” and then tomorrow comes and I say “tomorrow I will_______”, over and over. When will I get that nothing changes if nothing changes and nothing is going to change until I get on board and do what I need to do. We cause so much of our own misery sometimes, or at least I do.

   God does not want us to stay stuck, making no kind of progress at all towards better. He wants us to learn lessons, make changes, and move forward with life. He wants to see us live at full potential having and being the best that we can. But no matter how bad he wants that for us, He will not make us do anything and He will not do what we can do for us. He can tell us that we have dwelt long enough where we are but He won’t make us move. We have to get in agreement with Him and make the decision that we are not going to stay stuck any longer and that we are going to move, doing what we need to do.

   All the complaining in the world will not change our situation. All the talk of, “I am going to” without any action to follow will not change anything. All the prayers and wishing in the world will not do your responsibility for you. We have to say, “ that is it, I have had enough of going around in circles, getting nowhere. I am starting right now doing what I need to do to move forward.” We have to get determined that we are going to move into our promised land flowing with milk and honey. God will provide us the strength, power, endurance, wisdom, and understanding that we need to make it to victory. He will do His part, and we have to do our part. What mountain are stuck on right now that God is telling you that “you have dwelt long enough here”? Make the decision today that you are going to move forward, no longer staying stuck.

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