It is okay to be you

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others? Do you see someone and say that you wish that you had their hair or their eyes, or their body? Do you sometimes find yourself acting or not acting a certain way because you do not know if someone will like you. Do you do things that you hate doing because you think that someone will disagree if you did not do it? Do you wish that you could do certain things that someone else can do or that you did not do some things that you do, do? While we are suppose to admire others qualities, we are not suppose to compare ourselves to anyone else. We are all created differently, with strengths and weaknesses. We are suppose to all be different because God wanted us to all work together to help each other out in life. If we did not lack in any area then we would not need anyone else and we were created for relationships with each other.

Embrace who God created you to be. Embrace your strengths,  as well as your weaknesses. Love the hair and eye color that God gave you. Be the person that you are and do not apologize for it. It is okay to be who you are.  But be the best you that you can be. Some will like you and some will not and that is okay as well. 10% of people will not like us no matter how hard we try,  so except the fact that not everyone will like you.  Focus on the good qualities that you have instead of the flaws. Love the person that you are and always strive to be the best that you can be.

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