How to softened a hardened heart

There is only ONE thing that is going to melt a cold hardened heart and that is love!! Nothing else is going to take away the pain, hate, and sorrow that you have inside!! And the first step in accomplishing this task is to forgive. No matter what it is someone has done to you, you have to first forgive that person. And you are not forgiving them for their benefit (they don’t even have to know, but once you have forgave them you will want them to know  because you will have a sense of love for them now that you have forgave them). Now in order for you to forgive maybe it will help you to know that they probably don’t even know themselves just how much they have hurt you. They don’t know this because they have either been treated the same way and it’s the only way they know or they for some reason have a hardened heart themselves because of something or lack of something threw out their lives. So basically what I am saying is that they don’t know any better. Once you truly forgive them, all that weight that you have carried around all this time will be lifted and you will begin to feel the peace and freedom in your heart. Once you start having that you will oddly start to want others to have that same “thing” that you now have in your heart. And that “thing” you now have is called Love!!

So many people have had things happen in their lives that cause them to act in a not so loving way and they end up hurting others because of their hurt. It is a vicious cycle of pain that no one deserves to experience. And the only way to stop this cycle is to soften your hardened heart with Love so that you can begin to share that Love with other hardened hearts and they can be softened.

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