There is a reason for your tough season

No matter what you are going threw right now, the good news is that you are going THREW it and there is a reason behind it!!! It will bring you some type of wisdom (even if you only learn to never do something again)and there is some type of lesson(even if it’s just learning to do something different next time). Or God could be preparing you for something in the future. God has a reason for what he puts into our lives.

It took me 30+ yrs. to learn this concept. I heard it over and over again but I didn’t understand it. Once I started seeing things in a positive way I came to understand how those people looked at their trails that way. Instead of looking at all wrongs in the situation, I started looking at the rights of the situation. For example, I had a really bad cold the other week and I felt really bad. I could have laid around and complained about how bad I felt but instead I thanked the Lord that it was just bronchitis and I was at home and not in the hospital!! I know that this may not be a good example to those of you going threw some really tough stuff right now but at least you are going THREW it!!! It has not devoured you and you are going to get threw it. Start focusing on the lessons that you can learn threw this time in your life and look at the positive in it. I promise you that there is a positive in it somewhere and if you can’t find it maybe I can help you find it!! Sometimes it takes someone looking from the outside to see things that we can not see. So if you are having trouble finding something good in your situation feel free to tell me whats goin on and maybe I can help you find the good!! No promises but I am willing to try!!!

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