encouragement when struggling

I wanted to share some of the things that I have done that has helped me during trying times that may help you as well. I wrote down different scriptures on bright post cards and cut them out in fun shapes and put on my mirror in the bathroom, on my refrigerator door, and by my bedside. You can use any scripture that is of importance to you but a few that I used are Phil 4:13, Lamentations 3:22&23, James 4:7, and Mark 14:38. I would also write down personal short prayers for strength so that it would remind me to pray several times a day.

The following are some phrases that I wrote down and said to myself threw out the day that would give me encouragement and strength. They may not work for you, as everyone is different, so come up with your own. But I do believe that speaking positive things out loud help to over come negative things because when you hear yourself say them they tend to stick in your mind better. Try it out and see for yourself!!

* I can do this with Gods help!! (I said this over and over everyday)

* There is nothing to big for me with God in me!!

* This to shall pass

* There is a reason that I am going through this because everything happens for a reason

* I am strong and patient so I can endure until better days come

* God is working things out and it will be okay

* I am strong and I can do this

* I am loved and valuable. I deserve to have the best life that I can have.

* I am not going to be controlled by my feelings, other people, things, situations, or the enemy. I will control my actions through the Holy Spirit within me.

*My past does not determine my “now” or my future..

* I am a new being with new beginnings and opportunities.

* I am powerful and strong. I can get threw this. I am not fighting this battle alone.

I am so thankful that Jesus has done such great work in me and given me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so that I can have a different perspective on things. I now understand that sometimes it is necessary that we go threw hard things because it is the only way that we can learn a very valuable lesson that will make our future better. I no longer look at situations with a poor me attitude. I am able to see them as a teaching tool to better myself and/or life any way possible. I have learned that eventhough I may not understand at the time but God is going to work it out in the best interest of me somehow.

It is not easy to endure hardships, struggles, problems, or heartbreaking situations but we can get threw them and come out the other side of them for the better in some way. We never go threw them alone because Jesus walks with us in the midst of every storm. There is always a lesson that we can learn

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