Hold to your word

JAMES 5:12 “But most of all, my brothers and sisters, never take an oath, by heaven or earth, or anything else. Just say a simple yes or no, so that you will not sin and be condemned”. NIV

After many years of being let down by friends and even family members by broken promises I can say that I do my best to not break a promise that I have made to ANYONE!! Until I came across this scripture I thought that it was just a personal  experiences that made me feel so strongly about following threw with my promises. Matter of fact, I try my best to not even make a promise unless it is absolutely necessary!! And if I do, I make absolute sure that I will be able to do it before I commit to it, unless something very important and unexpected comes up. But this scripture right here tells us that by us making any kind of oath, which is a promise, and not doing it, will cause us to have sinned and be condemned. This scripture is another example of how the tongue is evil and gets us into all types of messes. So from now on instead of making a promise to do something maybe we should just say “yes i will, as long as the good Lord permits”, or “no, I’m sorry but I can not commit to that at this time”. And maybe you can offer to do something else since you are not able to commit to what was asked of you,  just to show the Love of Jesus!! We know how we feel when people don’t follow threw with their promises, so lets not do that to others.

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