Did you know that you matter? Many people walk around thinking that they are not as valuable as they really are. For many different reasons people lose site of their worth as some point in their life. Rather it be the pain that they have experienced in life, being used by people, or being told that they do not matter until they actually believe it. The pain of thinking that you are not valuable can make the blood that runs threw our vains cold.  But the truth is that we all matter so much to Jesus that He died for us. He willingly gave His life so that we can have life.  God loves you and you matter so much to Him that He constantly has you on His mind.

Don’t let the people in this world take your worth and value from you. I do not care where you come from, where you have been, what you have done, or what you are doing right now, YOU MATTER to God……. and me!!

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