Psalms 85: 4 Now restore us again, O God of our salvation.

When I first fell back into an old sinful act that I thought I had gained victory over I was deeply condemned. I let the enemy turn a conviction into condemnation. Then I began to struggle with thoughts and feelings of God was mad at me. I felt like I had blown it with him because of disobedience. I wondered if I had made him give up on me and leave me to my own distruction. I was riddled with guilt day in and day out.

After some time I began to be lead to scripture that spoke of how God will restore those who had walked away, disobeyed, or fell to their own destruction. As I read each story of the mercy that God had on them my hope for restoration grew. The thoughts of despair that I had weakened and I had a new sense of hope. If God would restore them again then he could do the same for me. And guess what, he will do the the same for you too.

It doesn’t matter how we have gotten away from God. He wants us to come back to him so that He can restore us once again. He restored the ppl of the old testament and he will definitely restore us. We have an even greater hope today than the ppl of the old testament had because we have Jesus.

If you have been struggling with thoughts or feelings that you have messed up the work that God has done in you, your relationship with Him, or victory over sin, know that you serve a God that has unfailing love for you and he will restore you. If you have been walking in darkness know that the light is coming. If you have fell back into old habits know that he can restore you to your former glory. Never give up hope because God will never give up on you.

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