make the best of what you got

God said that in this world there will be trails and tribulations. There is no way to get around it, issues will arise, difficulties and problems will happen. We can not avoid this fact of life but we can avoid many of the negative impacts that could happen. We can learn to take things as they come and deal with them in the best way possible. We may not have any control of people,, places, or things,, but we can have complete control of ourselves and our reactions. And we can overcome the greatest of obstacles that come our way.

Learning to look at the situation from the outside is one way to best handle a situation. Take a step back and look at the situation from all angles. Is it a misunderstanding? Could it be different than the way that you are perceiving it to be? How may the other person be looking at it? How would you feel if you were in the other person’s shoes? If it were your best friend in the situation how would you suggest that they look at it? We all have different views of things and sometimes a problem can be straightened out by seeing the other person’s point of view or realizing that we are looking at it wrong.

Next, is there anything that you can or should do to fix the problem? Taking responsibility and accountability has to happen in order to fix a problem. If there is something that you should own up to and apologize for then do so. Then if there is something that you need to do or can do then do it.

Don’t let your emotions control the situation. Often times we make a situation worse from acting out of emotions. Once you are calm and clear headed address the situation without your emotions running the show. Communication about the problem is a must in order for it to be resolved. if you are upset then you will not be able to properly communicate to resolve the problem.

Patience is a must. Although we may want to fix the problem right now sometimes it will take some time for everything to be resolved. Sometimes once we have done what we needed to do to fix a problem it will still take some time for things to move forward. We can not always demand what we want and when we want it to happen with an expectation of it happening that way. Sometimes waiting things out will cause a situation to fix itself.

In many situations we have to work with what we got while working on fixing a problem. Financial and relationship problems, for example, are areas that we have to work with what we got to until it gets better.These are also areas that we have to have alot of patience in.

Not allowing problems to steal our joy and peace is a great way to give the enemy a big black eye in his attempts to defeat us. We can have problems but still be joyful and peaceful while working to resolve the problems. Just because something isn’t going right does not mean that it has to disrupt our whole life and our well being.. We are already one step ahead when we have Jesus on our side.. And if we ask for and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit then things will work out. It may not happen when and how we want it to but it will be resolved.

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