In the midst of it all, have hope

With everything going on in the world now, all the sickness, violence, unemployment, and worries of tomorrow, it is hard to not get overwhelmed. We face worries every second of every day. Will our parents fall ill from covid and never recover. Will our children get caught in the cross fire of gun violence. Will we be able to safely return to work. Will we be able to provide for our family this month. The list goes on and on. The world has been forever changed in the past 2yrs with no signs of ever getting better.

For those of us who believe in God almighty, we have something that some do not have. We have someone to trust in and a reason for hope. We do not have just humans to rely on. We have someone who is much greater than any scientist, doctor, job, or bill. We have someone who can pave the way when we do not see a way. We have a reason for hope when the world sees none.

This isn’t to say that it is not hard to have hope when we see nothing to hope for. It isn’t to say that bad won’t happen to us. It isn’t to say that when we see a deathly ill parent or wounded child that our heart shouldn’t break. And it is not to say that everything that happens is fair and just because we do live in a fallen world. But it is to say that we have a reason to hope for a better tomorrow. It is to say that we can trust that God knows more than we do and that everything happens for a reason. We may not understand but there is a greater purpose. God knows things that we do not and he can work out good in what seems to be the worst situation.

We are facing difficulties that we never thought that we would. Bad things are happening every second of every day. But we can get through them, and with a smile on our face. A death could be saving someone from having to endure something far worse. It hurts us because we no longer have that person here with us but it’s not just about us. That person is now in a place much better than this world and we will see them again. It doesn’t make it any easier to endure the grief of losing them but it gives us hope that we will see them again. Watching someone suffer from illness isn’t fun but it could show us the miracle works of God. Getting disconnection notices in the mail are scary but it can show us how God is faithful to make a way.

Look, I am by no means trying to make light of any bad situation, death, or sickness. The stress, pain, and despair is real. But what I am saying is that we have a reason for hope. We have someone to trust in to get us threw anything that we face. We can rest in the fact that God has our back. He will never leave us nor foresake us. And if we have faith in him he will make a way when we see no way. Don’t let the worries of today or the unknowns of tomorrow stress you out to where you are not able to enjoy the life and people that are right in front of you. In the world we live in today tomorrow is not promised so embrace today while you put your hope in God for tomorrow.

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