We are partners with God. He has his part that only He can do and we have a part that we have to do. He won’t do our part and we can not do his part. Some will say that all we.have to do is have faith, and while we must have faith is true, it is not the only part of the equation. We must have faith that it will happen but we also must do what God tells us to do. He will tell us certain things that he wants us to do while he gives us the grace to do it. We can not just sit back and expect God to do it all for us. And sometimes he will not start working until we start to do what he wants us to do. If we are not willing to do our part then why should he do his part. It will be a waste of his time to do his part if we don’t do ours. We have to work with him.

I think that there has been many times that God has been trying to do something for me but I would not do what he needed me to do so I missed out. I can not be mad at him because it is not his responsibility to do everything for me while I just sit back. How many times have you sensed God telling you to do something but you never did and then you wondered why something didn’t happen that you were believing for? We like to say that it was not God’s will for it to happen as an excuse. But if we would have done what we needed to do things may have been different.

We have to be willing to do what we need to do while God is doing what we can not do. We can not just sit back, doing nothing, and expect God to do it all for us. We will always have a part to do and we have to do it. Even if our task seems beyond reach for us God will give us the grace to do it. We have to be willing to take a step in faith and his grace will provide what we need to accomplish the task. Our enemy will try to use fear and doubt to keep us from what God wants to do for us. He knows that fear and doubt can keep us from taking the step that God wants us to take therefore it keeps us from what God wants to help us do.

the key to our success is part us and part God. But without us doing our part nothing can happen. So I would say that we are the key and God makes the key turn to unlock our success. Don’t be the cause of you missing out on the best that God has to offer you. Stand tall and take that step even if your knees are shaking and watch God enable you to do what you need to do. He will never fail you and you will never fail if it is His will that it be done.

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