with age comes wisdom

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a mountain of despair wondering if you did all that you could or where you went wrong? Do you have a child that is making really bad choices, going down a path that you thought you had raised them to know better than to go down? Do you have a sick parent or child? Do you have a relationship that is crumbling right before your eyes? The circumstances behind the aches of your heart could be many different things. But there is reason for hope.

We serve a God that has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He has promised to be right there with us. He has told us that if we put our trust in him that He is willing and able to work all things out for the good. There is no situation that God is not able to turn around and make good out of it.

One thing that I have come to know is that as we get older we get wiser. And with that wisdom we realize that we could have done some things differently or better in our past. But the past is the past and we can do nothing to change what has already been done. What we can do though, is, we can do better in the present. We can confess our wrongs to those we wronged and acknowledge what we should have done. We can talk with those that we have an influence on and tell them how we handled a situation wrong and what we should have done. We can spread our new wisdom with our kids, friends, or family.

Life is about learning and growing. With time and age comes wisdom and knowledge. We all make wrong decisions and choices from time to time. As we grow in wisdom we realize that we could have done better, but the thing is that we did the best that we knew to do at the time. We did not have the knowledge back then that we have now. And what is important is that we do what we know to do now.

Don’t spend your energy on could haves or should haves. Don’t waste time worrying about what you could have done differently. The past has already happened but the future has yet to come.. you can’t erase what has-been done but you can acknowledge your wrong and confess what you should have done. And you can live in the present by doing the best that you know to do with the wisdom that you have now.

Pray that God mend hearts, heal bodies, and give wisdom to make right choices and decisions. Ask Him to help you let go of the could haves and the should haves of the past and to focus on the present. He is a God of restoration and change. He can heal hearts and bodies. He can bring good out of the worst situation. Place your trust in him and let go of worry, regret, guilt, and shame. No matter the situation he is able to turn it around.

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