from least to the greatest

1 Corinthians 1 26-28 talks about how God chose to use those that the world considered foolish, weak, despised, and nothing, to do great things. He did this to show that Christ is the power and wisdom of God for those called by God to salvation. Because of our faith in Jesus we can be assured that there is nothing that is beyond reach, no matter our worldly status.

This scripture gave me so much hope for my life. It has been the scripture that helped me to fight the lies of the devil about my worth and value. It has helped me with overcoming my past. It also helped me overcome the wrong self image that I had. Each time that I read these scriptures I would get something different out of it. It has been one of those that speaks so many different ways.

He chose things that were powerless. He chose things that were weak. He chose things that were despised. He chose things that were considered as nothing. He chose, meaning He picked on purpose. He purposely picked what the world sees as less than, to do great things. He chose you, and He chose me. He chose to use that horrible thing that happened to you and turned it into a healing story for others. He chose that terrible thing that you did to show His incredible love and forgiveness to the world. He chose the least liked person in the workplace, the meanest person that you ever met, the most uneducated person, the biggest liar, the drug addict, the homeless, the disabled. He chose the least likely person to be something special and made them grand.

God loves to use those that have a “less than” position in the world to do mighty things because it shows His power and mercy. If it were not for Him working in and through them they would not be able to do what they do and become who they have become. The same goes for you and I. God can take our weaknesses and turn them into the greatest of strength. He can use you no matter what side of the tracks you come from. He can give you wisdom and knowledge that no school could ever teach you. He can give you favor where least expected. He can turn our faults and failures into abilities and success. He can turn shame into victory. He can use what you consider to be the worst thing about you and turn it into the greatest thing about you. And the only thing that we have to do is have faith in Jesus.

There is nothing about you that God can’t turn around. There is no pit too deep that He is unable to pull you out of. There is nothing that is beyond His ability to change. Victory can be ours when we have faith. So be encouraged today because He is willing and able to do mighty things in and through you.

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