Enjoy the journey

When we give our lives to God some people think that we are suppose to have instant changes and these supernatural feelings. We think that all of our troubles are suppose to go away and that our lives are going to all the sudden change. While that stuff may happen few and far between, it is for the most part a journey of learning to live the life that is now available to us through Jesus. We learn how to use and keep the peace and joy that Jesus has put in our heart.. We learn to follow the Holy Spirit, doing what we should or need to do, instead of what our flesh wants to do. We learn that we no longer have to do the things that we know are not good for us. We learn how to live our best life because we have a new “want to” inside of us.

When we accept Jesus into our hearts He changes our desires and our “want to’s”. He places desires in us that will make a great life for us. He places good inside us, shining His light in what was once darkness from the enemy. He makes us perfect in our heart and blameless in God’s eyes. He covers all of our flaws and makes us glorious. He provides the way for us to completely turn ourselves and our lives around into something so grand that it is hard to describe. He gives us the strength and ability that we were once lacking for being victorious in all the good things that we attempt to do in life. Because we now have Him inside us, we have all that we need to be complete, lacking in nothing. We never have to fight any battle alone again. We never have to be afraid of not being good enough. We never have to question if anyone loves and cares about us again. We have all that we need.

Jesus is there to help us but He will not do everything for us. We have a part that we have to do as well. He will give us what we need to do a thing, but we have to take the action of doing it. He will let us know what to do, but we have to do it. He will tell us what decision that we should make, but it is up to us to make that decision. He is willing to guide our every step, but it is up to us to follow His guidance. He wants to tell us all the things that will bring us a glorious life because it will reflect the glory of God to the world. He will always be faithful to do His part butwe have to do our part if we want to have the best life that we can possibly have.

Once we have been saved we are forever saved. We will go to heaven when we die but the life that we have here on earth depends on if we do our part or not. We can have a life of peace and joy if we keep our sights on Jesus and do our part while He is doing His part. We can make our dreams come true if we put our trust in the Lord and follow His instructions. We can spread love to this broken world and have countless blessings if we follow the desires of our heart that Jesus has implanted in us. We can overcome all of our trials and troubles and have victory in our battles. We can be content with what we have, rather it is much or little. We can have everlasting hope for good things to come because we rely on Jesus to supply our needs and wants. Our lives can be so exciting when we choose to live for Jesus.

We will face resistance from our flesh when we first start choosing to live for Jesus and do what is in our best interest. We will have to fight against ourselves for the sake of our better self. Because we are use to doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, and how we want to it, we will have to retrain ourselves to do what our heart (spirit) tells us to do. We will have to resist instant actions that we have taken for many years and choose to do what we know we should do. As we do this, our flesh (our old self) will get weaker and weaker until we automatically do what our heart tells us to do. And as we live for Jesus our lives become the kind of lives that Jesus died for us to have.

We will all fail at times, we will probably even fall flat on our face a few times throughout our journey. But all we have to do is lean on Jesus for help, get back up, and keep on going. He knows that we will make mistakes, give into temptations, have set backs, and fail from time to time. But He has chosen us, loves us unconditionally and forever, believes in us, and will never give up on us. God is for us always, wanting us to live a holy and glorious life that reflects His glory and His character. Therefore He will always be there to help us to do what we need to do. Don’t give up when your journey gets tough. Don’t feel like God is mad at or disappointed in you when you mess up. You have the power of Jesus in you to be able to live the life that Jesus died for you to have. It is a life long journey to the promise land and we can enjoy every step of the way when we let Jesus guide the way. Perfection will never come on this side of the cross so don’t waste your time chasing it. Do the best that you can by following the Holy Spirits guidance and enjoy the journey that He has for you.

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