What is my purpose in life

Life purpose
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Are you fulfilling the life purpose that God has for you? Do you wonder what your purpose is? Are you waiting on God to reveal your purpose or are you stepping out, trying different things, to find out? Many times God puts the desire to do a thing on our heart. But He also wants us to step out in faith and try a thing instead of Him telling us straightforward what to do. We may feel that if we are not doing something big then we are not fulfilling our purpose. But often times we will find our purpose in the small things that we do. God needs more people doing the smaller things than the big ministry. I think that we fail to realize the importance of what we are doing because it is not a big ministry or we are not affecting thousands of people at once. But it is the little things that we do that leads to a much bigger thing that God is doing.

Do you go to bed with peace and joy in your heart? Are you filled with satisfaction when you lay your head on the pillow at night? Much of our life purpose is in the daily task that we do. It is in the normal daily living that we fulfill part of our purpose. It is in taking proper care of the kids, the house, the family, and friends. It is found in keeping things organized so that things run smoother in the home. It is found in checking in on the elder neighbor to see if they need anything. It is found in being the kind voice that speaks to the person in the grocery store that is having a hard day. It is found in the love that we show to others. It is found in the example that we show others of how to be a good person with Godly morals and unconditional love. And when we do those little things we are filled with peace, joy, and accomplishment. We don’t have to conquer the world to be filled with accomplishment and purpose.

Are you living life to please others? We will get off the track of our purpose if we live to try to please others or to get their approval. When we are trying to make others happy or cater to their wants we lose focus on what God has put on our heart to do. We find ourselves running ragged trying to make others happy and we end up neglecting ourselves. We lose our peace and joy because we are not fulfilling what God wants us to do. In this case we have to get to ourselves and spend time getting back in touch with our heart and God. We need to ask God what He wants us to do and then see what desires come to our heart. Then we can make a list of what brings us joy and what doesn’t so that we can make changes accordingly. When dealing with others I have found that, most of the time, if I do not have peace and joy in my heart to do something then it is something that I shouldn’t do.

Are you stuck in your past? Do you feel like you are stuck at a point of pain in your life? Because of experiences with pain of rejection, disappointment, abandonment, or a form of abuse we can get stuck. We don’t want to experience that pain again so we will avoid doing certain things to try to protect ourselves. We try to stay in a place of comfort and safety so that we are not put in a situation that would cause us pain. We don’t step out into the unknown for fear of disappointment. We won’t do the thing that our heart desires because we are afraid of rejection. We won’t get too close to anyone because of the fear of abandonment. If we stay at the point of our past pain we can not live out God’s current purpose for our lives. We will most definitely face disappointment and rejection in our life because nothing will always go right and not everyone will always agree with you. But God is bigger than our pain and His purpose is greater than the feeling of that pain.

If you are questioning God’s purpose for your life or feel as if you are missing something in life you may just need to look at what you do on a daily basis. Just because you are not the CEO of a big company, have your own ministry, or aren’t well known in your community, it does not mean that you are not fulfilling your lifes purpose. God uses most of us in what we see as small ways but they are all equally important to God. You being an example of unconditional love and right living could bring others to a relationship with Jesus. The kind words that you spoke could have saved someone from committing suicide. You may be the only person that the elder neighbor has any connection with. You raising the kids right could prepare them for a successful future. The role that you play in life, no matter how small you may feel it is, is important to God and useful to the world. It doesn’t matter if others approve of the role that you play because God has given you the position. And if you stay stuck at the point of a past pain then you won’t be able to fill that position. So step out and proudly fill the role that God has given you in life and trust that He will help you succeed in all you set out to do.

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