Facing the fear of the unknown

With God on our side anything is possible. When we have the power of God working in our lives the possibilities are endless. When we allow God to enter into our heart a new part of us is birthed. Our spirit becomes alive and we begin to be transformed into a new person. We start to have strong desires of positive change. We may have the desire of wanting more out of life because of the Holy Spirit working to bring out who we were created to be and our purpose. With those desires may come some fear of the unknown. We may feel intimidated by these new desires. We may feel as if we can not achieve these things because they are so different than anything that we have ever done before. But I am here to tell you that if God has birthed the desire within us then we can do it.

New things can be scary when it is something that we have never done before. The unknown can make us want to freeze up. It can make us want to stay stationary and settle for less than the best so that we stay comfortable. But you know the saying, “no pain, no gain”. And that is the truth. If we aren’t willing to be uncomfortable for a little while then we may miss out on great things.

God will never tell us to do anything that He hasn’t already equipped us with what we need to accomplish it. He will never let us face things on our own. And He will never put anymore on us than we can bare. He knows what is best for us and gives us the desires of change so that we can have the best. We just have to face the fears and be willing to be uncomfortable for a little while.

We have not received a spirit of fear, we received the spirit of the Almighty God. And if we have His spirit then we have His strength as well. We have His ability to accomplish all things. We have received power, love, and a sound mind. So we can trust that if it is God’s will for us then we can do it, no matter how hard it may be or how fearful we may be.

The enemy uses fear to try to keep us from having the best that God has for us. He knows that fear can cause people to not step into the life that is available to them. But He also knows that if we face the fear then God will help us succeed. So he does his best to try to put deep fear in us along with the thoughts of how scared we are and all the wrong ways that things can turn out. Knowing this, we must not allow the enemy to defeat us and keep us stuck in a place that is less than the best for us.

We can do anything that we need to do because Jesus lives in us and provides all that we lack in accomplishing what we need to accomplish. There is no need to fear the unknown. There is no nee to fear change. God knows what I best for us and if we follow the desires that He puts on our heart then we can rest assure that we will have victory and we will be making the moves that will bring us into a better place in our lives. Step out in the midst of fear and trust that God has your back every step of the way.

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