We are not independent

Life has a way of throwing us a curve ball at a high velocity of speed from time to time. We like to think that we are prepared and ready for anything that comes our way. We like to think that we can handle and endure everything. But often times, it is not until we are put under the pressure of a situation that we realize that we are not as prepared and able to handle everything as we thought we were. Yet there is still beauty and light in the situation. And that beauty is that we don’t have to rely on just ourselves. We have a mighty God that is right there with us, in the middle of the storm, ready to guide us and strengthen us. He is willing and able to enable us to handle and endure every situation that we will ever face, no matter how many or how bad they may be.

We may be able to fool ourselves into thinking that we can handle life and all the troubles that we face on our own, but we aren’t fooling God. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our weaknesses and our inabilities. We knows where we fall short. And guess what, He made us that way for a reason. He wanted us to always need Him so that He could always help us. It is in our weaknesses that He is able to prove His strength. It is in our darkness that He is able to shine. It is in our inabilities that He is able to prove His mighty abilities.

We are not meant to or expected to handle life on our own. We were not created to be independent of God. We were created to walk alongside God, constantly leaning on Him for strength and endurance. He loves it when we come to Him, admitting our downfalls and struggles, and ask Him for help. And He gave us the promise that in the end things will work out for the good if we lean on and follow him.

No matter what we are facing we always have God right there willing and waiting to help us. There is no pit too deep that he can’t reach us. There is no problem to big that He can’t guide us through. There is no weakness too weak for Him to be able to strengthen. There is no pain too painful for Him to be able to heal. He is God Almighty and He is your God, your father, your healer, your counselor, your friend, and everything that you need to be successful in handling and conquering life. So never run away from him, but run to Him for the help that you need. He is right there waiting with open arms.

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