saved by a pack of cigarettes

I want to share with you a story of an answered prayer of mine to show you the ways that God does intervene to answer prayers. We were leaving our vacation spot sunday and, as I always do, I said a quick prayer of protection and safe traveling for us. On our way in we stopped at a Sheetz gas station and I seen that they had my brand of cigarettes on sale but I forgot to get any. A few exits up the road I stopped at another Sheetz gas station where the last pack was sold right before me. While we were there I got my son to drive for the rest of the way for me and told him that we had to stop at the next Sheetz. Well I decided to skip the next Sheetz and just stop at the gas station in the next town that we were going through. It took a total of 4 to 5 minutes for me to get my cigarettes and for us to get back on the road.

About 30 miles up the road the traffic came to a stop but there were no emergency lights of any kind so I didn’t know what was going on. As we got closer I seen that it was a horrible accident that had just happened and the cops or first responders hadn’t arrived yet. A car had pulled out in front of truck that was traveling in the same lane that we were in. The passenger side of the truck had collided with driver side of the car and the driver was trapped in the car. As we were driving in the grass in the median and I looked into the cars at the accident victims I had a feeling come into the pit of my stomach and the words “your answered prayer” came to my mind and the events about the cigarettes flashed in my head. If we would not have stopped at that last store I truly believe that we would have been the one to hit that car. And if we would have hit the car it would have been on my side of the vehicle and I would have been hurt.

I think that we often times fail to see the simple ways that God answers prayer and protects us. I mean who would think that God would use a pack of cigarettes to save me from bodily harm. But I believe with all my heart that is what He did yesterday. I just wanted to give glory to God for answering my prayer and saving us from that accident by sharing it with you guys. Pay attention to daily events and watch how God works for you. You will become much more thankful when you notice Hos works and the blessings that He sends your way.

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