There’s nothing wrong with you

overcoming guilt as if something is wrong with me
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Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought, “what is wrong with me?” That question could come from a wrong belief about yourself, what we see when we look in the mirror, something that someone has said to you, the way that someone has treated you, missed opportunities, wrong actions that you have done, and many other things. We can form a wrong image of ourselves for many reasons but if it has become a belief in our eyes then we think that it is true. Even if it is a total lie and there is no truth in it, if we believe it then it is true for us. And when we believe the wrong things it steals our joy and we can not enjoy our lives. But it does not have to be that way.

The way that we think about something does not mean that it is the truth. Even when it comes to what we think about ourselves. For many years I thought that there was something wrong with me because of what was planted in my head by my father and my first boyfriend. The bad things that they said to me stuck in my head and I would think about them often. My boyfriend would say degrading things to me over and over until I began to believe that they were true of me. I thought that those things must be true because of the way that he and other people treated me. I thought that there had to be something about me that made these people treat me bad. But the truth was that I was hanging around bad people. And part of the reason why they were treating me that way was because I was allowing them to. But the bigger picture was that those people were more than likely treating me that way because of beliefs that they had within themselves that had nothing to do with me. Because of things that they had rooted within themselves they would treat others poorly.

I treated myself poorly once those wrong beliefs about myself became true to me. I would allow others to treat me bad because I felt that I was a bad person and that I didn’t deserve any better. I believed the lies of I was not good enough, I was fat and ugly, I was stupid, I would never amount to anything, and nobody else would ever love me or want me accept my boyfriend. Sadly those lies were my reality for many years and they held me back in so many ways. They even caused me to push away the people that genuinely cared about me because I did not think that I deserved it and that they had a hidden motive for claiming that they did care. Because I did not love or like myself I didn’t think that anyone else did either.

It took time and effort for me to change the beliefs that I had about myself. I had to do things that I felt really silly doing but it was what God had sent instructions for me to do to overcome the lies that I had. Instead of looking in the mirror thinking what was wrong with me, I thought thoughts and said things out loud like, “I am loved by God, He created me uniquely and wonderfully, I am special and wanted, I matter, I am beautiful, I am talented, I am smart and I can do anything because Jesus will help me. I would ride down the road and say those things to myself. Whenever the lies would start running through my mind I would stop them and think purposely the truths about myself. I had to read the bible to know the truths of who I was created for and the unconditional love that he had for me. I would write down the scriptures that stated those things so that I had a quick reference for when the enemy was attacking my mind with the lies. And little by little by beliefs about myself started to change. I started to like myself lil by lil, until I finally loved myself. I finally believed that I did matter and that I deserved the best that I could have.

The truth is that we matter as much as we believe we matter. People will treat us how we think we deserve to be treated. And if what we believe is a lie then we must cover that lie with the truth. We all have special qualities about ourselves. We were all created by God for His purpose. And His purposes are always grand, therefore we were created for a grand gesture. We can have the life that we want if we believe that it is possible for us to have it. We can have that amazing loving relationship if we believe that is what we are worth and deserve. We can do anything that we want to do if we believe that we can do it. Everything starts with the beliefs that we have. And our thoughts are what forms our beliefs. So start thinking the right thoughts and watch everything else start to aline with them.

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