Getting out of the routine rut

Are you enjoying your life? Are you waking up each day looking forward to the day? Do you walk around with joy and peace in your heart all of the time? Or are you just living life with routine and doing what you feel is needed of you in life? If you are stuck in the rut of routine may I suggest that you adjust your thinking a bit.

When we do life with the thought of everything that we do is for the glory of God we have much more peace and joy in our heart. When we wake up each day with the thought of, “what will the Holy Spirit lead me to do today” there is excitment to face the day. When we know that all things are possible with God we know that there are endless possibilities of what the day could bring. We have a sense of anticipation as we wait to see what we will be lead to do that day.

I have experienced so much more joy since I have started my day with the thought, ” ok Holy spirit, here we go, I look to you to guide my steps today and set me out to do what you want me to do”. Then as I go threw out the day I would pay attention to what my heart was leading me to do. Some days it will be to clean out a closet. Other days it may be to call and encourage someone. Some days it is to help someone. And other days it may be to ask for help with something. Rather it be something small and meaningless or something big and important, each day is exciting because I am being lead by the Holy Spirit. I know that I am pleasing him but I also know that I am doing what is good and fulfilling for me because I know that he knows what will satisfy me.

When we go threw out our normal day to day lives we can have excitement in our hearts when we do what we do to glorify God. When we face our days with the purpose to follow the Spirit we have joy and peace. When we know that all things are possible through Christ we know that the possibilities of what could happen that day are endless. As you start your day say a quick prayer and tell the Holy Spirit to guide your steps and to help you to pay attention and to follow him. As you do you will notice that your level of joy will increase.

3 thoughts on “Getting out of the routine rut

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