You know…….we are our own worst enemy at times. The things that we think about and what we say to ourselves……. I mean have ever sat back and thought about the things that run threw your mind and the words that you speak to yourself ? We can be our own worst critic and say things to ourselves, about ourself, that we would never allow anyone else to say to us, as if it is okay because we are speaking them to ourselves. We think about the things that we have done and then we say to ourselves things like, “how stupid can u be, you are a piece of work, you are a piece of crap, you are so dumb, you are so nasty, you are a horrible person”. Even if we are thinking about something that someone else did to us we still say those same kind of things to ourselves about ourselves.

When we constantly think about the bad experiences in our lives and the way that we view them they become part of us. They will start to dictate how our lives will be. They make us form wrong opinions about ourselves and make us not like ourselves very much. We may think that others view us in the same way that we view ourselves but in many many cases that is not so. People do not see us as the bad thing that we did or that was done to us. But if we are holding onto shame then that is what we think.

No matter who we are,who our family is, how much money we have, how good of a lifestyle we have, how smart we are, or how good we are, bad things are going to happen in our lives. We are going to have a negative experience of some sort. And what we do with it will determine the affect it has on us.

If we constantly think about it then we will relive the event over and over and allow it to continue to hurt us over and over again. If we speak negative words to ourselves about ourself then we are going to begin to believe that of ourself and believe that others see us the same way. We can defeat our own future by the way that we think and speak about ourselves and the bad experiences that we have had. But just as we can defeat ourselves we can also build ourselves up and gain victory over past experiences and not let them dictate our lives. We can turn our frown upside down all by how we think. We can stop a negative thought and replace it with a positive one. We can stop self criticism and instead self encourage. It is something that we are going to have to pay attention to and work at but it can be done. And you are worth the work that it will require to do it. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Instead be your own best friend, supporter, and encourager.

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