Do you ever feel like you are two people at one time? Do you feel like you have a good side and a bad side? Are you constantly fighting yourself to do one thing but end up doing the thing that you do not want to do? I think that it is fair to say that we all fight this battle from time to time at least. For some of us it is a daily battle that we just can’t seem to win. We want to do right, we want to break a bad habit, we want to start doing something different, we want to be obedient to God, but we keep failing. Well my friend there is hope.

When we accept Christ into our hearts it’s as if we become two people. We have the part of us (our spirit) that Christ now resides and we still have the other part of us which is the flesh. Part of us wants to do what is right and what is best but the other side of us wants to do the opposite. The part of us that wants to do the best thing is the God part of us and that is what we have to learn to let lead us. That takes time and effort on our part. We can’t do it by ourselves but with the corroperation with the Holy Spirit we can.

We still have the flesh part of us that we have to deal with and even though we are dead to sin (romans 6:10), sin is not dead. And we have to deal with it our entire lives. We will always have the sinful nature that is within us but with time and God we can learn to have victory over it. We can weaken the flesh and strengthen the Spirit so that the flesh does not win in every battle. The only way to kill something is to not feed it. And the way to kill the flesh is to do what the spirit says instead of the flesh. It may be gut wrenchingly hard at first, but the more that we say no to the flesh, the weaker that it gets.

The way to make the Spirit grow is to feed it. Meaning that we read our bible, listen to teachings, study scripture, think about scripture over and over again until it gets down into our hearts. Then we go to God with it and say that we understand, agree with, and receive it, and ask Him to help us walk it out. We may fail 1,000 times before we are successful at defeating our flesh but keep at and keep at it until you receive victory. It will be super hard at first but each time that we deny our flesh it does get a little bit weaker and weaker until it no longer has any power in that area. We can not get free from anything by running from it. We have to face it head on and deal with it.

Whatever you are struggling with today do not give up in your fight against it. Stay in the word, feed your Spirit the truth of scripture, believe that you can do all things through Christ and that you will be free from it, pray for His help, and let your flesh have a screaming fit over not getting it’s way until you have victory in that area.

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