The devil is real and he is the one at work in the world, in our circumstances, and in our mind. He is the one that causes chaos in the world, destruction in our lives and in our relationships, and puts those defeating thoughts in our mind. He is a liar, the father of lies, and can not tell the truth. He is a manipulator and deceitful. He loves the darkness and hates the light.

Since he is a liar we can not believe anything that he tells us. If you have a friend that is known for telling lies or stretching the truth you do not believe what they say right. Well it is the same thing with the enemy. If we know to not believe what someone that we care about says, why do we so often believe what the enemy says to us? He will tell us that we are no good, that we don’t matter, that we are worthless, that we are a mistake, that there is no hope for us, and that we are all alone. But the bible, which is truth, says that we are loved, that we are valuable, that we are uniquely made by God, and that we are never alone because God is with us always until the ends of the earth. If we know the truth of who we are then we are empowered to have the life that is available to us. And that means that the enemy will not be able to defeat us and drag us down, spreading darkness around us. The enemy does not want us to see ourselves for who we really are. He does not want us to love ourselves the way that God loves us. He does not want to see us prosper and have the amazing life that Jesus has provided for us by means of His death. But he can not stop us from having that life if we do not let him.

We have to be determined to fight for ourselves. We can not be defeated if we refuse to give up because God is on our side. He gave us authority and power over all the power that the enemy posses (luke 10:19). Satan has power BUT we have power AND authority. And the only authority that the enemy can have is what we allow him to have. We give him authority over us and our lives by passivity, by lack of knowledge, by laziness, and by disobedience. When we do not do what we know to do, what the spirit is telling us to do, or what we need to do then we are giving the enemy the authority to work in us. It opens the door for him to put the bad thoughts about ourselves on our mind, give us the feeling of lack of purpose and accomplishment, and to cause a lack of joy and peace within us. We give him the opportunity to attack us and possibly defeat us.

We have to be aware that we do have an enemy and that we are in a constant battle. We have to know who we are through Christ and the love that God has for us. We have to know that we have authority and power over the enemy. And we have to be determined that we are not going to allow him to have any authority over our lives by passivity, laziness, or disobedience. We stand against him with the truth of God’s word and by the choices that we make. He can not make us do or not do anything.

Show the enemy who’s boss. Put him back in his place today by claiming authority over him. Give him a big black eye by confessing the truth of who you are in God’s eyes through Christ. Take a stand against him by choosing to do what you know you need to do and by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Take back control of your life and begin to have the life that Jesus died for you to have.

2 thoughts on “YOU HAVE AUTHORITY

  1. Jayden

    Maybe if you and other Christians actually cared about people like me instead of ignoring us and treating us like trash some of us would keep fighting. But it’s obvious no one gives a damn. No one! Including God. So tonight I’ll make my bed in hell. Christians say they worship Jesus and care, but it’s all about themselves and MONEY! I am finished and I will suffer eternal torment, but at least I won’t have to live in isolation and rejection especially by those who call themselves Christians!

    On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 12:23 PM The Abundant Life wrote:

    > mandie posted: ” The devil is real and he is the one at work in the world, > in our circumstances, and in our mind. He is the one that causes chaos in > the world, destruction in our lives and in our relationships, and puts > those defeating thoughts in our mind. He is a li” >


    1. mandie

      Jayden, first of all let me say that although there are a lot of people that claim the christian name but do not back it up with their actions that does not speak for everyone. You have no idea who I am therefore how can you try to judge me and say that I do not back the christian name by my actions and that I do not care about people. I can not speak for those that you do know that have hurt you and let you down but I can speak for myself. I have encouraged you, relied to your messages when I see them, and pray for you always (even though I do not know you). I do not appreciate the accusations in this comment. I do not care about money and I do not write these entries for any gain of myself. You are letting the enemy get in your head and put those bad thoughts in there. I am really sorry that you have been wounded so badly by christians that you place judgement on everyone as if they are like those that have hurt you. Remember when I told you that the closer that you get to your breakthrough the more that the enemy is going to attack you. Maybe that is what is going on right now. You have to keep up the fight and not allow the enemy to put wrong thoughts in your mind. Not that I owe any kind of explanation but since you feel that I have ignored you have you payed attention to the lack of my post lately? Have you noticed that you do not get a reply to your comments until you see a post from me? I have not been ignoring you or my blog but I have things going on right now that require all of my time and my attention therefore I am unable to do computer work. I am sorry that you feel the way that you do and I hope that things get better for you very soon. However if you feel that I am not true to what I speak and my post are not inspiring and encouraging to you then maybe you should unfollow me as I do not wish to bring any kind of harm to anyone. Blessings to you!!


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