What to do with this extra time

It has been awhile since my last entry. It has been hard to encourage myself when I have been unable to be an encouragement to my readers but I had to be away from my laptop for awhile so that I could focus on getting better. And no I did not have the virus, I had bronchitis. But now that we have all had to be distant from others I feel that it is important that I write something that can encourage all of us during these times. I do not know about everyone else but I have had to stay in my home away from everyone due to not having an immune system and needing to protect myself from this virus so loneliness has been knocking at my door. There has been many times that it felt as if the walls were closing in on me and no one was around to help me. Not having the daily interactions with others and socializing with friends and family members leave us with no one but ourselves. But that is not a bad thing if you look at it the right way. And even though we may feel alone we are never really alone because God is with us all the time.

Sometimes we need to be alone without any distractions so that we can focus on ourselves. We need that quiet time so that we can talk to and hear from God. We need nothing else to do so that we can start the thing that we have wanted to do for so long. There are many things that we can use this time of isolation for the better of ourselves in some way. We have the time, don’t have the normal distractions, and what better to do with the day than work towards a goal to better ourselves in some way. We have the extra time to draw closer to God, read His word, and apply it to ourselves. This is the time that we can grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We can start that new routine that we have wanted to start but daily life had stood in the way. We can get those projects done that have been unfinished for so long. We can do the bible study that we have been putting off. We can get to know our kids better and spend some quality time with them. There are plenty of things that we can use this time for that will bring joy to us, help us grow in an area of our lives, strengthen our relationship with God, and better ourselves in some way.

Don’t let the loneliness consume you. Don’t let the worries about the future plaque your mind. Use this time to grow within yourself in some way. Use it to gain joy and get rid of bitterness, sadness, or discontentment. Spend this time on yourself. Get to know yourself alil better. Discover your strengths, test your limits, and grow. Draw closer to God and He will draw closer to you. Spend extra time talking with him and ask him how you can best use this time. And please take care of yourself and stay safe. Blessings to all of you.

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