I want to be happy

I think it is safe to say that everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to have great days. Everyone wants to enjoy their life. But how much do we want to be happy? What are we willing to do to be happy? What truths are we willing to face so that we can be happy? And what changes are we willing to make so that we can enjoy everyday of our lives? These questions may come to us when we are pondering on being happy but they are essential to our happiness. We are the key to our happiness. We can be as happy as we want to be. Actually we can be happier than we ever thought that we could be. But it is going to require us to face truth and do some work. And it is going to require us to have to get into alignment with God.

There are many things that we are either doing or not doing that contributes to the level of happiness that we have. If we are harboring bitterness or animosity towards someone for the way that they treated us then it is hindering our happiness. If we are holding onto past pains or wrong doings then it is hindering our happiness. If we are not doing the things that come to our heart to do then we are hindering our happiness. Even if cleaning the closet is the thing that has been on your heart to do and you haven’t done it, it is hindering your happiness. Whenever we are not living up to our best self we are hindering our happiness. If we are not in a good relationship with God then we are not happy. If we are not in a good relationship with ourselves then we are not happy. If we are constantly doing the thing that we do not want to do then we are not happy. If we use excuses then we hinder our happiness. If we procrastinate then we are hindering our happiness. If we complain we hinder our happiness. I think that you get the point that I am trying to make. Many things play into our level of happiness and being able to enjoying every day of our lives.

I have found that if we want to have the ultimate happiness that we yearn for there is a pretty simple, yet seemingly difficult, way to achieve it. Be the best you that you can be and humble yourself. Being the best you that you can be consist of doing all those positive things that bring life to you. It is doing the thing that you so dread to do, while you are not feeling like doing it. It is telling the truth when you would rather just agree to keep from any disagreement. It is blessing someone just because. It is getting that workout in when you would rather sleep in. It is saving that dollar instead of spending it. It is brushing your teeth at night before bed like we have been told to do since we were young. It is choosing to not watch certain movies. It is thinking about the good and not the bad. It is smiling when there is nothing to smile about. It is having others best interest in mind. It is being able to look into the mirror and love who you are looking at. It is having no regrets because you make sure that you do the things that you know you should or shouldn’t do because is it what is in the best interest of your well being. IT IS DOING NOW WHAT YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH LATER ON!!

Many of us think that more or better of something is what will make us truly happy. We are looking in all the wrong directions for something that will only come from within us. Until we are living our best life by being our best self we will be lacking in our level of happiness. Once we get inline with God, doing the things that He places on our hearts to do, because they will bring us joy, peace, and love, we will experience a happiness like never before. God instructs us to do things that help us to love ourselves completely, have peace with any and all things, be content with where we are and with what we have, to not have any regrets about anything, living up to our full potential. When we follow God’s instructions we are doing the best that we can with the life that we have.

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