The goodness of God

As I have been pondering the goodness of God, all of the things that life throws at us, and the way the world is now days, I get why unbelievers have the questions that they do about the goodness of the God that we serve. Many believers even have those questions from time to time. We want to know why such a good God would allow such horrible, bad things to happen. We wonder if He is so good then how could let certain things go on in His children’s lives. We feel that if we are His children and He is so loving and good, then how could He let us suffer so much. I had those same thoughts come to my mind before and I had to come to the conclusion that I do not know why or how God does things. I do not understand how He could let His children suffer things that they did nothing to deserve. But I do know that I trust Him and He knows things that we do not know. I trust that He has His reasoning and that He can work all things out for the good of us.

Now I do believe that there are certain things that He allows us to suffer due to our own actions and Him wanting us to change. I do believe that He allows some of us to go through horrible things so that we have the experience to be able to help others. I do believe that we have to endure certain things to prepare us for our future. And I do believe that what ever we go through, He is right there with us, helping us through it.

If we try to understand the why behind every bad experience, tough situation, or unfair circumstances, we will confuse ourselves and can cause doubt in our hearts. Trust in my favorite saying that, “everything happens for a reason” and God is working in and through all things for the greater good. If we keep an open mind during our troubles we can learn very valuable lessons that can help us a great deal. If we keep an open heart through it all then God will be able to work in us in great ways. If we keep our focus on God we will come out victorious in the end. He is a good God. He knows the end from the beginning. He hurts when we hurt. He understands how we feel. He wants the best for us and is willing to let us suffer for a little while in order to bring out the best in and for us.

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