I need to…… I want to……. I should…… I shouldn’t, but……. I’m going to…… Tomorrow I will start/stop…… These are the phrases that come out of our mouths so often pertaining to something that we know we need to take care of or do. We have great intentions to do what we need to do but for whatever reason we keep putting it off. We say tomorrow or next week or next month. And that day comes and goes without any action taken on our part. The enemy uses procrastination to keep us from having the best life that we can have. We don’t realize that it is the work of our enemy but it is. If he can keep us from doing the things that make for a better, happier, more peaceful, and content life then he is succeeding at destroying us. He not only disrupts our life, he disrupts us because when we keep putting things off we end up harboring guilt, regret, and shame towards ourselves.

There is no better time than NOW to do what we need to do. Even down to the small things like cleaning a cabinet out, going through some old clothes, organizing the pantry, the best time to do it is NOW!!! Sometimes when we start with the small things that we need to do it helps us to do the big things. Once we get that feeling of accomplishing something it helps to motivate us to tackle the harder stuff. But as long as we keep saying tomorrow, next week, or later on, then nothing will get done. There is no task that can not be done because we all have the help that we need on the inside of us just waiting to release His power within us.

Jesus wants to help us clean out our closet, organize our pantry, finish a project, accomplish a goal, make major changes. He wants to help us with everything that we need to accomplish so that glory can be given to him. So pray to the Lord that He help you do what you need to do and decide that TODAY is the day that you will do it. Give the enemy a big black eye by not putting things off any longer. You got this!! Choose NOW instead of later on.

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