Live your best life now

As a christian we have the opportunity to live true life. We have the opportunity to do what our spirit says instead of what our sinful nature says. We have the opportunity to have the satisfaction of living our life to the best of our ability. There is something about doing what you know is right or best to do. There is a uplifting feeling that comes along with making right choices. When we are doing the best that we can with our lives we have a joy in our hearts that nothing else can give. But it is a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit that we have to fight. And some days are worse than others.

In my own experience, it was not until I started to love myself and care about my life and future that I began to win the battle between the flesh and the spirit. It was not until I started to feel and know that I was worth and deserved better that I started to fight for being and having better. There are consequences that come along with living in the flesh and if we do not feel that we are worthy and deserve better we will endure the consequences of our actions. Because of all the mistakes that I had made, wrong choices that I had made, and things that had been done to me, I felt as if I did not deserve to have or be the best, so I continued to live accordingly. But then I began to learn who I was created by and that I was dearly loved by my creator. I began to learn that I was created for a purpose and that I had worth and value. I began to learn that I had a spirit and a flesh and that I did not have to give into my flesh, doing the things that I knew were no good for me to do. I learned that I could continue to do the things that I knew that I should not do and Jesus will still love me but I would not live my best life here on earth if I did so. The choice was mine. I could give into my flesh and have momentary happiness or I could follow my spirit and have lasting joy.

That cake that is sitting in front of me sure does look good and I would love to have a few pieces of it. My flesh is saying,” just have you a nice piece, you deserve it, what will it hurt”, while my mouth is watering just thinking about the sweetness of the icing. My spirit is saying, “you know that you can not have just a small piece of that cake and if you do have a small piece now then you will end up having two more pieces today and then a few pieces tomorrow until you have ate the whole thing and gained a few pounds”. So I have to make the choice of listening to my flesh or listening to my spirit. If I do what my flesh wants then yes I will have happiness while I am eating the cake but I will feel bad about it afterwards. If I listen to my spirit I will not have to deal with the guilt, regret, shame, and weight gain. I may not feel so happy while I am denying my flesh but I will be happy and thankful later on that I listened to my spirit and did what was best for me.

When we listen to the flesh we usually end up with feelings of guilt, shame, and/or regret for the actions that we have taken on top of the consequence that our wrong actions have caused. There is nothing good that last from following our flesh. When we choose to follow our spirit we have lasting joy, satisfaction, and wholeness from living the best that we can. I know that at times it is very hard to deny the flesh but it is in the best interest of you and others when we do. Let the spirit direct your path and you will not give into the flesh. Live your best life now because you deserve it and you are worth the best that you can have.

3 thoughts on “Live your best life now

  1. Pete

    Often, our spiritual feeling is emotion, in reality. Once a stroke had damaged the basal ganglia or even cerebellum, that feeling of spirituality may never return. To bank on feeling is called hedonism. In Biblical days, the argument was relied upon, not the feeling.


    1. mandie

      Yes Pete we often live by our feelings instead of the spirit. We may confuse our feelings with our spirit if we do not wait to get the conformation that it is the spirit. I did not know about the way a stroke can effect your spirituality. Thank you.


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