The difference of our who and our do

Many of us look at ourselves by the things that we do. We base who we are by the actions that we make. We think that because we have a nasty attitude that we are a bad person. We think that because we are unable to do something that we are less of a person. We base our who on our do and that is wrong.

Let me ask you this. When you say unkind things, does your heart feel the way that the words came out of your mouth? Do you feel bad for what you said after you said it? You feel bad because it goes against who you are, against what your heart feels. Or do you have a bad habit that you base who you are off of that habit? Your bad habit does not make you a bad person. Until we learn to seperate our who from our do then we will never be able to make changes that we want to make in our lives and we will never be who God created us to be.

We have to know who we are in Christ, who we were created to be, and that our do does not affect who we are. We all have great hearts. We were all created uniquely and for a purpose. We are all made perfect through Jesus. We are all overcomers and victorious. God sees past what we do and sees our heart. Our heart is who we really are. And once we know who we are, then our what we do will start to change.

Just because we do wrong does not mean that we are a bad person. What we do does not change our heart of hearts. But who we are can change what we do. Get to know the who that God created you to be and stop judging yourself by your actions. Once you learn who God created you to be and you truly believe that you are that person then what you do will start to line up with who you are.

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