Thoughts part 5 /relationships

As our thoughts affect every part of our being, they also affect our relationships. Because of the way that our thoughts affect our actions and our words, we could lose friendships, partnerships, and close connections with others. Our thoughts also affect the relationship that we have with ourselves and the Lord. Because our relationship with ourselves and the Lord are most important we will start with how our thoughts affect them.

Our relationship with ourselves and the Lord go hand and hand. If we do not have a good relationship with ourselves then we will not have one with the Lord. And if our relationship with the Lord is not good then our relationship with ourselves won’t be good either. If we do not love ourselves, approve of ourselves, believe in ourselves, and forgive ourselves, then we will not think that God can love, accept, believe, and forgive us either. If we think that God is mad at us, doesn’t accept or love us, Doesn’t forgive us, and has given up on us, then we will not accept, love, forgive, and will give up on ourselves. In order for us to love ourselves just as we are and right where we are at in life at the moment we have to believe that God does first. If we are going to be free from all shame, guilt, and regret we have to believe that we are forgiven for our wrong doings and that we are not looked down upon from God.

We will not be able to be in a good relationship with ourselves or God if our mind is filled with all kinds of junk and lies about ourselves and God. We can not know (believe) that we are forgiven and loved if we think things like, “God is mad at me, I am nothing but a screw up, I am a bad person”. Because the enemy knows how wrong thoughts about ourselves and God affect us, this is an area that he does his best to sneak lies into our mind about. He will put thoughts like,” your nothing but a failure, all you do is mess up and disobey God, God has turned his back on you, God does not love you, you are a lost cause, God can not use you anymore”. He wants to bring up our past and try to use that against us. He will put guilt in your heart for every little thing that you do not do right. Anything, and in any way, that he can get us to think about things that goes against what the word of God says are lies, and are simply not true about ourselves or about God. That is why it is so important that we read the bible for ourselves, so that we can know the truth. If we do not know the truth about something and we are being lied to about it, we will not know that it is a lie, and we will believe that it is the truth. If we are going to have good relationships with ourselves and the Lord we are going to have to learn the truth about what amazing people we are and the relationship that we already have with God, because of Jesus.

When we have wrong thoughts about ourselves and God we have to stop the thought and replace it with the truth. We can cover the lie of God does not love us with While I was still his enemy He chose to die for me because he loves me, cover the lie of I am nobody with I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, cover the lie that God does not forgive me with I am forgiven by the blood of Christ. There is a scripture of truth in the bible to cover up every lie that is put in our head.

When we have wrong thinking about others it affects our relationship with them. If we think that everyone is out to get us or hurt us in some way then we will not trust anyone. If we have thoughts of jealousy or envy then we will not be able to have a healthy relationship with others. Our thoughts affect our feelings and our actions which will affect our relationships. We have to think the best of everyone in order for us to be able to have good relationships. We will not be able to love someone if we are having thoughts that are unloving about them. We will not be able to treat someone kind if we are having unkind thoughts about them. If we are going to have good healthy relationships we have to have good thoughts towards that person. Let’s not allow the enemy to use our thoughts to destroy our relationships, leaving us lonely. Let’s fight the lies that he puts in our head about ourselves and God with the truth of who we are and how much God loves us already.

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