Our thoughts are superior

Everything that we do starts with a thought. If we think thoughts that are low, sad, and draining then we will be sad, down, and depressed. If we think uplifting, good thoughts then we will be happy and encouraged. If we are upset about something and think about what we are upset about over and over then it makes the problem worse for ourselves. If we are facing something that we are afraid of and we think about how we are scared and think of the possible bad outcomes then we will more than likely try our best to avoid it instead of face it head on. If we think about how we can not do something, that we won’t get something, that we will never be able to do or be something, then we will not be able to do or be that. Our thoughts tell us how to feel and what to say. And our thoughts is the number one way that the devil tries to work in us to destroy us.

I can not express to you the change within myself and my life once I learned this principal. Once I learned that I could make myself stop thinking bad and negative thoughts and then make myself think good and positive thoughts it opened up the door for me to have victory in my life. For so many years I felt bad about myself, thought that I would always have a second rate life, and that I would never be of any importance. Then I discovered that I felt that way because that is the thoughts that I had about myself. There were several reasons as to why I thought that way about myself but it was those thoughts that made me become that person.

Once I learned about the importance of our thoughts I asked God to help me try this right thinking thing out and see what happens. To my much surprise it was not long before I noticed that I was feeling a little better about myself and I was having a change in my outlook of life. Then the day came that I woke up happy, then the day that I looked into the mirror and said, “you know what girl, your not so bad after all. You have a lot to offer the world and you do matter.” Those were words that I would have never said to myself if I had not changed the thoughts that I had about myself.

It has taken a long time for me to change my thoughts and I still have to practice right thinking everyday. The enemy tries to attack me in my mind all the time and I have to constantly tell him that he is a lier and that I am not the things that he is trying to tell me that I am. I have to stop the thoughts that he tries to put in my mind with the truth. It is a everyday fight but we are sure to win as long as we keep up the fight.

To give you some examples of how I fight my fight I am going to write some of my thoughts and then the right thought that I thought to cover up the wrong thought. I am going to use my battle with thoughts of myself but it can be applied to any area that you have wrong thinking in.

MY THOUGHTS                                                                                            RIGHT THOUGHTS

I am a nobody. there is nothing special about me.          I am special,                                                                                                             created by God for a                                                                                                        special reason

I will never amount to anything, I am worthless             God has a great                                                                                                     plan for my life, I am his                                                                                               masterpiece

Nobody loves me. I am always alone                           I am God’s unique child                                                                                            that he died for, he will                                                                                                never leave me

I can’t do _______                                            I can do whatever I need to do                                                                    because I have the power of Christ in me

I am so stupid                                               I am gifted and talented with the                                                                     gifts and talents that God has given me

Any time that we have a wrong thought about something we have to stop that thought as soon as we realize what we are thinking and then think the right thought. Just as it took time to naturally think wrong, it will take time to naturally think right so be patient with yourself. Choose to think good thoughts, even if the good thought does not seem possible, think about the good and possible good instead of the bad or possible bad.

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