Something good will come

For so many years I thought that I would always have a second rate life. I thought that I would always amount to nothing, that I was worthless, that there was no need in trying because of the things that had happened in my life. What good could come from the fat girl that had been used and abused, raped, beat, sold drugs, lied, stole, did drugs. What good could come from a failure and a screw up is the words that plagued my mind. Because of all the bad and horrible things that had been done to me and that I had done, I believed that I deserved to have a less than the best life. I believed that I deserved bad things to happen to me. Because of all the broken trust that I had created with others I did not think that I could earn trust again. I thought that I would always get the tale end of things and that nothing good would come of me or my life. But oh how I was so wrong.

No matter what has been done to us or what we have done, good can come from it. We can turn it around and make good come out of the bad. If we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, and do what He guides us to do, we will see good come out of very bad things. We can turn all of our wrong doings around and decide to do what is right. We can earn trust back. We can have a much better future than what our past has been like. We can make amends for the wrong that we have done to others. And most important, we can forgive ourselves for the way that we have chosen to live. We can start over with a clean slate. We can use our pains and past troubles to help others in their pains and current troubles.

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be the person that I am today, I would have told you that you were crazy. If you told me that I would have the lifestyle that I now have, I would have told you that you were dreaming a fantasy. But the truth is that I have made good come of bad because I allowed the Lord to work in me and to lead me to a better, brighter future. And we all can do the same thing.

There is nothing to bad that has been done to you or that you have done to others that you can not turn it around and have a better future. You can turn the bad things that has happened to you into good, helping others that may be going threw the same things. Good can come of anything bad if we trust in the Lord and let Him do the work needed on the inside of us and follow His guidance to the outward work that we can do. We do not have to stay stuck on the wrong side of the tracks. We can choose to jump to the other side, doing the best that we can, making better choices and decisions by following the Holy Spirits guidance. I am living proof that this is true. And if it can happen for me then it can happen for anybody.

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