Are you assisting or resisting

As Christians it is important that we know that we have an enemy that is out to make our lives miserable. We have to know that we are in a battle for our lives everyday. We have to fight for ourselves to maintain our peace, joy, love, freedom, and contentment in life. We have to stand up for our faith.

The devil likes to start his attack on us early in the morning by getting in our head. He likes to put negative thoughts in our mind as soon as he can because he knows that if he can get bad thoughts in us then he can devour our whole day. He will cause a bunch of little things to aggravate you to where your not at peace all day. He can send someone in your path that is going to say something out of line to you so that your joy is interrupted. There are all kinds of ways that he will try to interfere with the life that Jesus died for us to have. In my own life I have had a really hard fight against the enemy in the area of my self-worth. He loves to make us feel like we are nothing or that we are just one big mess up and that we do not deserve to have the best life that we could possibly have. But thank God for the power of Jesus (that is on the inside of us) to be able to win every battle with the enemy.

We have make sure that we are resisting the enemy instead of assisting him by using  the truth and the word of God against his lies. We have to use our faith for attack and defense. We have to stay grounded in the fact that God loves us, who we are because of Christ, and we have what we need to fight the enemy off. When he puts lies about yourself into your head, fight back with the truth of you are in Christ. When he tries to disrupt your peace, remind yourself that you have the peace of Christ in you and he can not take that away from you. And if you can talk out loud to the enemy, do so. I felt really silly when I first started doing that but I swear that it works.

In what ways to do you think that you may be assisting the enemy instead of resisting him? Do you know enough of the word to fight against his attacks? What are some ways that you resist the enemies attacks?

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