Why does God allow bad things

I was asked a question today that I think a lot of people have cross their mind at least from time to time. It was a question that I wanted to try to answer in the best way that I could to insure that I did not give a false answer to. I was asked, “if God is such a good God and knew what was going to happen before it happened, why would He allow such bad things happen?” That question was followed by the comment, “i was told that it was because God gave us free will and that the devil causes a lot of the bad things to happen.” Then the person went on to say that if God can do anything then why wouldn’t He stop the bad stuff before it happened. I had to sit there for a minute and try to think of how to best give an answer to the question that has crossed my own mind from time to time.

God is a good God and He does know the end from the beginning. God did also give us free will. And satan does cause a lot of the bad in the world. I can not tell you why He allows bad things to happen, other than, He works all things out for the good and for His purpose. I have seen really bad things happen to really good people. I have also seen some of those people use the bad that happened to them to help others in similar situations. I have seen bad things happen and it seemed that nothing good came from it. I have seen people cause their own troubles and I have seen people that did nothing to cause their troubles. I do not know why God allows such things to happen but I know that He does not cause them to happen. I know that  God can cause good to come from bad. And I do know that God does not put on us more than we can handle.

What are some reason why you think that God allows bad things to happen? Do you think that it is all for a greater purpose? Do you think that it is to teach someone a lesson? Do you think that it is to teach you to lean on God more in times of troubles? I am interested in your thoughts on this matter so lease feel free to leave a comment.

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