My blog purpose

I feel compelled to tell you that I give all the credit of the peace, happiness, love, freedom, and life as I know it now, to Jesus!! HOLD ON!!! Now before you leave my page because you do not want to hear about all this God stuff, Plz know that I am not trying to shove God down your throat!! Rather you believe in Him or not is totally up to you. And I believe that if you read my experiences, lessons, and my perspective on things with an open mind and heart it will help you rather you believe God had anything to do with it or not. But of course my hope is that you will see things for yourself and you will come to know him as well.

Anything that I write about is something that I have already experienced, dealt with, moved on and grown from!! So don’t feel like nobody understands what your goin threw or how you feel because there is someone out there that has already gone threw it, learned from it, and has grown from it.

The things that I write about are from, life lesson experiences that I have been threw, to encouraging words that helped me in difficult times. I want to help people have hope when they feel there is none left, encourage you in your dark times, help you to find peace within yourself, to help you realize that you do matter and you are important, and all the while I am sharing how allowing Jesus to come into my heart has changed me and my life completely!!!!!!

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