We are suppose to rest in God but often times we find ourselves trying to work hard for God. We feel like the more we do for God the more He will love and approve of us. But the thing is, no where in the Bible does it say that we must work for God’s love and approval. Actually, it is stated multiple times throughout the Bible that we are not saved by any amount of good works that we have done and that ALL we have to do is believe in the one that He has sent.

When we have gotten off of the path that we were walking with God for whatever reason we may find ourselves condemning ourselves for our actions or lack of. But that is the time that we need to rest in God the most. We need to rest in Jesus about ourselves. We have to rest in the fact that eventhough we make bad choices and sin we are still known, loved, and accepted by God because of Jesus. We can rest in the fact that Jesus was made to be all that we are not and that he is in us and we are in him. We can rest in the fact that God is not mad at or disappointed in us because He already knew that we would do all that we have done and all that we will ever do and yet still chose us.

The Bible says that there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus and we have to believe that is true for us and not just for everybody else. Have you ever read the promises of God and thought that they were true for everybody else but you? The enemy likes to put that lie in our head because he knows how important it is that we believe it for ourselves. If we don’t believe something then it is not true for us. And how can we walk righteous if we don’t think we are righteous. How can we rest in God’s love if we don’t believe that he loves us.

When there is choas all around us we can rest in God. When life has been flipped upside down we can find comfort and rest in God. When we are faced with a difficult decision we can find guidance and rest with God. No matter the circumstance or situation we can always turn to our heavenly father and rest. He wants us to put our trust in him so that we can rest. He doesn’t want us wore down to nothing and not be able to live out the purpose that he has for our lives.

God is calling us to find rest in him. He doesn’t require any kind of work from us in order to be accepted and loved by him. He does not want us to be weary, frustrated, anxious, or wore down from life. He wants us to come to him and put our trust in him so that He can work all things out for the good of those who believe in him so that we can find our rest in him. When we are in the midst of his plan for us we will be able to rest. That’s not saying that everything will always be peachy and sunshine but we will have a ease in our spirit that will carry us through. All God ever ask of us is to believe in the one that He has sent, that’s it! So there is no amount of work that we must do in order to be saved and have God on our side and that alone should be our cause for rest.

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