Believing without the evidence

Believing is a decision that we have to make. The Bible says that those who believe without seeing are blessed. I think that what that is saying is life is better when you believe the word of God without yet seeing the evidence because you have hope that better is coming. Because you choose to believe the word of God you pay no attention to what you think or feel. Our thoughts and feelings can’t be trusted because they constantly change but the word of God never changes.

It is choice that we have to make but we will not regret making the choice to believe the word over everything else. We may have to believe in it for a long time before we see the evidence but our hope is what carries us through. When we have hope and believe that better days are coming we fill our hearts with joy. We are able to press through the hard times by having hope in the future and what God says.

When we believe in something it is true for us. We have no doubt that it is what it is because we believe in it. But we have to make sure that we believe in the right things and what is true. That’s why we have to believe in God’s word over everything else. People and the enemy will tell you lies and deception but the word of God is absolute truth. God is unable to lie so we can trust that his word is truth and believe in it. Matter of fact believing in his word is what helps it to manifest in our lives.

My life became so much better when I started studying God’s word and believing in it. I made a choice to believe that a better life was available for me if I chose to believe what I was reading. And a funny thing happened, I started to be happier eventhough nothing about my circumstances had yet changed. I focused on the promises of God’s word over what I thought and felt and I was filled with hope. Then once I started aligning my thoughts with God’s word it got even better. The negative thoughts came to my mind less and less as I overrode them with the truth. Like I said, in the beginning nothing about my circumstances changed, but my joy increased because I was believing for better to come.

Over the years I have seen God’s word play out in my life time and time again. I have finally seen some of the evidence of the truth but it took time and choosing to continue to believe when I didn’t see any evidence. It is a choice that we have to make and it is one that we will not regret. So choose to believe the word of God over everything else and watch your joy increase.

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