Good can come from something bad

Thirteen years ago today my life changed forever. What many would see as a bad thing happening God used to bring new life to me. While I laid in the hospital bed with machines breathing for me and my body broken and mangled up God was doing a miracle. While some of the best trauma doctors were working to save me physically God was working to save me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He was using a traumatic event to work good out of it.

When we are in the midst of something bad going on we do not see the good that can come from it. We can only see what is going on in the moment and what may happen in the immediate future. I think it is safe to say it is a natural response that we have the “what if or why me” questions run through our mind while we are in the midst of a trial. And that is when we need to put our faith into practice the most.

While I was faced with so many unknown answers to life changing questions I had no idea that so much good could come out of what was impacting me so negatively at the time. What I had known of as life up to that point was all gone. I was not only faced with the physical changes and challenges, I was also faced with losing my home and my ability to live independently, my marriage was ending, any chance of a career in nursing was now impossible, and I was not able to be as evolved with my son’s activities. My whole world was rocked but there was an unseen force at work the whole time that would work good out of the situation. I knew about God at that time in my life but I didn’t have a close personal relationship with Him. I was not educated on His word or his works, yet I had a sense of knowing that something good was going to come from all that I had faced.

Now I can look back and see how God was in the midst of it all the whole time. He knew that I would have to lose what I knew of as life in order for Him to be able to give me a better life. He knew that I had to be made to sit still and alone in order for Him to be able to work in me and change me into a new person. There was a reason behind every hard thing that I faced. There was a need for it so that God could bring about a change and the healing from my past wounds. It was imperative that I go through physical, mental, and emotional challenges so that I could see just how strong and powerful that I really am. And I had to almost lose my life in order to truly value and appreciate the new life that God was prepping me for.

When we face hard times, struggles, or unknowns we have to put our faith into practice and trust that God will make something good out of it. He knows how to make good out of the worst of circumstances and will never fail us. If we pay attention and look closely we will see Him working along the way and it will encourage us to keep the faith going no matter how bad it gets. If we keep reminding ourselves that God works all things out for the good of those that believe it will strengthen us to keep moving forward. If we keep.our hope and our faith in God alive and well He can turn what seems to be the worst thing ever to us into what is the absolute best thing that could have ever happened.

Every year I spend this day in total thanks for what and where he has brought me from. I am consumed with gratitude for the changes that he has made in me and my entire life. I think back in amazement of the transformation. And I make sure that I share the love, mercy, and grace that God has shown me with at least one person because I want to tell people that there is a reason to hope. God can turn anything around and work good for you out of it. All we have to do is believe and have faith. We serve a mighty God that’s willing and able to work miracles, bring good from something bad, and can turn nothing into something grand. He is faithful to do His part as long as we believe in Him. Never give up and always remind yourself of His truth and promises to never leave you nor foresake you. Better days will come because he is already at work in and around you, as well as through the situation that you are facing.

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