A brand new day

Each day that we wake it is a brand new day full of brand new possibilities. You are like a brand new person every morning. God has forgotten about the mistakes that you made yesterday, seeing you as pure and clean. Every day is a clean slate that we can decide to build a better day upon. It is a opportunity for a fresh start that the enemy does not want us to have and will do what he can to keep us from being successful. But we have power and authority over the enemy through Jesus and we have to stand our ground against his works. He can not defeat us unless we allow him to.

Whatever happened yesterday is in the past now. Whatever your failure was yesterday, today is the day to try again. It is the day to start the thing that you have been putting off for so long now. It is the day to step out in faith and try and do the thing that you have had on your heart to do. Today is the day to take back control of your life and your decisions.

Today is a brand new day and you have the opportunity to make it better than yesterday. You have the opportunity to tell the enemy to kick rocks because he is not going to side track you or have a negative influence on you any longer. You have the opportunity to decide that you are going to do the things that bring life, peace, and happiness. The possibilities that you have are endless and it is time that you make the best of what you got. The only way that we can fail at something is to stop trying. And since we have God on our side and his grace to help us along the way failure is not an option.

Today is brand new. Yesterday is gone. You can’t change what has already happened but you can change the way that you handle things that will happen. Don’t waste time wishing you would have done this or that and decide today to do the best you can with what you got. Ask God to guide you in the direction you should take and then walk by faith into a day full of new opportunities.

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