The key to losing stress

Are you feeling stressed or overloaded? Does your days seem like there aren’t enough hours for all you have to do? Do you always feel rushed? Have you sat down and figured out what is making you feel that way?

The Bible says that we should be well balanced. How do we become well balanced when so much is requested of us in a single days time? I mean we have to take care of the kids, we have to do what our boss needs of us, the house has to be cleaned, food has to be cooked, our friends need us. The to do list never ends. We have obligations that we must take care of but what can we do to make it easier and less stressful?

Life is very demanding but there are things that we can do to make it flow better and be less stressful. If we are to be honest with ourselves there are things that we can do to illeviate some of the stress and enjoy our days. Too much or too little of something throws our balance off and we become stressed and unhappy. So doing things to help bring balance will help us to lessen the stress and increase our joy.

There is no set thing that will work everyone. What works for one person may not work for the next. What one person needs the next person may not so it is important that we sit down and evaluate our life to see what areas we need to make adjustments in. Now there are a couple of things that everyone can do to increase their joy and lessen their stress and that is to laugh and exercise. They both release stress and increase our feel good endorphins.

To give you some examples of what I mean by making adjustments I am going to tell you some of the things that I have done. My mornings were always hectic and usually caused me to start my day in a hurry and not in best of moods. I thought about what made it that way and how I could help the situation. I knew that I needed a little bit of quiet time to spend with God before all the daily noise started and a better morning routine. In order for me to do that I was going to have to get up earlier which meant I had to get to bed a little earlier. I started getting my clothes and accessories out the night before, got my son to do the same,, any prepping I could do the night before I would do it, and I set my alarm 45mins before everyone else had to get up. Yes it required me to have to sacrifice watching one of my favorite t.v. shows in order to go to bed earlier but the reward that I got was well worth it. Just making those few adjustments in my mourning routine brought me so much more peace and joy. Then there was this time that I found myself completely burned out from caring for others and not taking proper time to take care of myself. I felt lead to take some just me time for at least 30mins a couple days a week. So I arranged for me to have 45mins to myself one day and up to 2hrs another day each week. I would do something that I enjoy doing one day and the other day I would just sit in peace and quiet and maybe read a book or journal whats been going on that week. Not only did I gain peace by doing that, I also even felt better as a whole.

It is amazing how much making little adjustments in your life can help you to stay balanced. And staying balance is essential to being satisfied with and enjoy your life. So where are you feeling off balanced at in your life? Are you lacking joy? What can you do to bring some joy your way? Do you feel overwhelmed from caring for the large family that you have? Find a way that you can have some time to do something you enjoy doing. Have you felt fatigued lately? Try getting better sleep, take a multi vitamin, or try excerise. Then if you continue to feel fatigued go to the doctor. We have to take care of ourselves in every way by maintaining balance in every area of our lives.

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