Hold on, keep it up, your day is coming

As I was lead to read Haggai chapter 2 the Lord spoke to my heart in a way that I much needed. I have been going through some things with family members, friends, and just life itself. I have been struggling with my spirit amoung these other things and have really been feeling like I am at the end of my rope as to what to do in any situation. I have been doing what I know to do, praying, seeking, knocking at every door that I seen, but nothing was looking up. My days had began to look gloomier and gloomier as no resolution to the issues were coming. My hope had began to fade as my prayers seemed to go unanswered and everything that I tried to do would fail. I was at a loss and did not know where to turn.

As I prayed last night and asked for guidance, some sort of answers, some encouragement, I opened my bible to Haggai and “read chapter 2” came to mind. As I read my heart begin to lighten and hope filled it once again. This is what the Lord spoke to me through that chapter. “Remember how it use to be when things were going good. remember all the greatness that I brought to your life. Remember also when things were a whirlwind and how you felt in the midst of it. I brought you out from it and to the greatness that you had. I held to my promise and will do so again. Be strong and keep up the fight. Keep doing what you know to do and know that I am with you all the way through. I am doing something great through all this and I will work greatly through you. I have chosen you to bring light into the darkness, to shine rays of hope unto the hopeless. Be strong and do not give up. Keep on seeking and you will find what you are looking for.”

When we are going through a lot of different things all at once it can seem overwhelming. We can get to a point that it seems that there is no hope for the peace and joy to return. We can feel like all our hard work has been for nothing. We can wonder where we went wrong when we have done the best that we know to do. We can be on the break of just giving up or settling where we are. But God is saying to all of us, “don’t stop what you are doing, keep it up, don’t give up because I am with you and your day is coming”. God is saying to you, “I have made you strong and able. You are stronger than you know and I am always with you to help you when you are weak. You are never alone and I have chosen you for great things. So hold on because your day is coming when my glory will shine through you.”

When it seems that there is no hope in sight and you are on the verge of giving up, hold on because your day is coming. Remember the good times. Remember the times that God has been faithful. Remember that He is with you, He is your strength when you are weak, and He has chosen you!! Hold on to your faith and do what you know to do while God is working behind the scenes doing what you can’t do. He will never leave nor foresake us. And he promises to work all things out for the best for us.

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