You must first believe if you want to achieve

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The very first step to change is to believe that you can. God has downloaded all that the Holy Spirit is into us but we have to learn to use it. And in order for us to be able to use it we have to believe that we have it in us to use. If we don’t believe that we can do something then we will be unable to do it.. Have you ever wanted to do something but thought that you could not do it? Did you ever even try to do it? Most of the time if we think we can’t we won’t even try because we think that it is beyond our reach. we are actually alot more capable than we know. But until we get our mind aligned with the ability that we have through the Holy Spirit we will be defeated every time.

I am going to use self control as an example today. You do a thing that you know is not good for you to do and you say that you can’t help it because you have no self control in that area. No matter how bad you want to not do the thing you always do it anyway. You say that you wish you could not give into the desire but you don’t have the self control to do so. That is simply not true. You have the spirit of self control in you now that you have the Holy Spirit residing in you. It is there, you may just need to let yourself know that you do have it and learn how to use it.

It all starts with the mind. You tell yourself over and over again that you have self control until your natural response becomes I do have self control in this area instead of I do not have self control. Start thinking and speaking out loud that you have what it is that you feel you lack and that you can do what it is that you want to do. As you do this you will begin to notice a shift in the way you feel about the situation. You may begin to notice a change in your desire as well. The more that we believe we can do something the more we may want to do it.

The bibles speaks of believing over and over. Our faith is believing. Abraham became the father of many nations because He believed what God told him. If we want our prayers answered we have to believe that God will answer them. Many men and woman were healed from diseases because they believed that Jesus could heal them.

Believing something makes it possible. No matter how far fetched a dream may sound, if you believe in it and do the work then it will happen. No matter how impossible something may seem if you believe in it then you will put in the work for it to happen. The opposite is also true. If you don’t believe that something can happen then you will not put in the work to make it happen. So today I say to you, start believing in your change, in your dream, in your achievement, and most importantly believe in Jesus and in yourself. When we believe in Jesus we can believe in ourselves and our opportunities are endless.

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