When life happens

Trusting God with difficult life situations

When life throws us a curve ball we have two choices. We can either crumble or we can take on the challenge, trusting that God will pave the way. We can not stop life from happening and we can not let it beat us. As believers in Christ we have the ability to make it through the toughest of situations because we are not reliant on just our own strength. We may be scared but we are not alone. We may wonder how it is all going to work out but we do not have to worry. We can do what need to do while keeping joy in our heart because we can trust that God has our back.

When something completely unexpected happens it can rock our world. It may cause us to be filled with fear, anger, resentment, or a number of other negative emotions. We may instantly start having the “what if” or “how am I” questions run through our mind. I think that trying to figure out the end result is a natural response to something unexpected. We want to know how it’s going to all work out. It is one of those times that it would be really nice to have a crystal ball that shows us the future. But unfortunately we have to wait it out and roll with the punches.

Instead of sitting around and worrying about the situation, figure out what it is that you need to do and focus on that. Keep your focus on doing what you need to do and trust that God will do what you can not do. For example, if it is money that is needed, instead of worrying how you will be able to come up with amount needed, trust that God will open the doors needed for the money to come in while you apply for jobs or extra hours at your current job. If you are going to need roof over your head trust that God will lead you to just the right place while you search for one. If it is employment then trust that God will give you favor while you fill out applications and go for interviews. We will always have a part to do in it and there will always be a part that God will have in it. The key is putting our trust in God first and foremost while we do our part.

I have seen this happen in my own life over and over again. An unexpected thing would come along and rock my world and I would almost crumble in fear of the unknown. I would worry and then worry some more. I would stress myself out with constant thoughts of “what am I going to do.” I would lose sleep and become very irritable. By the time that it was all said and done I would be 20 pounds lighter, probably a thousand less strands of hair and a thousand more gray hairs. The stress of it all really took a toll on me. But the one thing that I learned was that God was in control of it the whole time and in the end it all worked out for what was best. I wasted so much energy and time on worrying when I could have been at peace trusting that God was behind the scene working it all out. All that I had to do was put my trust in Him instead of stressing out while I did what I needed to do.

Finally, only after years of self torment, I listened to God and I put my trust in Him. When a situation happened I chose to say, “you know what God, you have been telling me to trust you but I kept choosing to try to make things happen all on my own, and this time I am going to try it your way because my way sure has not been working. I choose to trust that you will guide me and open the doors that need to be opened for the solution to this problem so that it all works out for the best.” And you know what. Things were so different that time around. I kept peace and joy in my heart while I did the work that I needed to do. The right doors opened and in the end everything worked out. I am so glad that I made the decision to trust that God had my back and that I did not have to figure it all out on my own. Now when unexpected things come my way I do my best to immediately go to God and ask Him to take the wheel. I express my concerns to Him and ask that He help me to keep my focus on the fact that He does have my back and He will lead me the way that I need to go and open the doors that need to be opened. I am then able to move forward in what I need to do and remain stress free.

If life has thrown you a curve ball decide today that you are putting your trust in God to be behind the scenes working it all out while you are doing what you need to do. Decide that you are letting go of the stress and entering into a place of rest. Make the choice to walk with the Holy Spirit leading you to the doors that will open. We can not keep life from happening but we can keep from stressing ourselves out about it.

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